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I am a proud artist that loves guys, art, music, and food. I am random so yes there will be a lot of random things appearing here :D
About this Blog: A Blog that explores the Extreme art, coolness, and sexy that pictures and words can hold.
Extreme ArT
Stars in Your Eyes by ~only-stars
Trying to practice some #Drawing :3 #Anime #Art #Figures #Heads #Eyes (Taken with Instagram)

I got this done on my 18th birthday at a place called New Orleans ink by a guy named Patrick. They are simply cat eyes; I love animals and I thought the tat was wicked so I got it :)

Cool and creepy


If I had green eyes…

well, look at u. ;) 
the shape of my eyes are kinda cool
I See The Fire In Your Eyes by ~JustinMs66